KLM-VA is a virtual airline; please visit www.klm.com for the real Royal Dutch Airlines.

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Welcome to the KLM-VA

Welcome to the KLM-VA, KLM Virtual Airline. We are one of the largest and most active virtual airlines in the flight simulator community. We represent our nations pride, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, on the IVAO network. Using our extensive fleet of aircraft, our pilots fly around the virtual world to hundreds of destinations in the world-famous blue and white aircraft.

We offer all the benefits of being part of an online virtual airline community without the strict regulations. To our pilots, our offer is to have fun, not a second job. Therefore, you are allowed to fly any aircraft to and from any destination regardless of your rank.
For pilots looking for more realism, we have introduced our scheduled flights scheme, where stricter real-world limitations are to be observed.

If you are looking for the perfect form of relaxed professionalism without any fuzz using additional software, you’ve come to the right place!

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The KLM-VA Team

The following pilot has achieved a type-rating on one of the KLM aircraft. Congratulations!
NameCallsignAircraft# Scheduled FlightsRating
Arturo Rea RomeroKLM088B74x24gold

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   CallSign/Rating AircraftAltitude/ftGr.Speed/ktsFromToDistance/Nm
A32015235242Miami IntlLic Benito Juarez Intl1106climbing
B77W32399417Hong Kong IntlCharles-de-Gaulle5174level flight
A32037217469Santa MariaGran Canaria733cruising
B772870ChangiKuala Lumpur Intl - Sepang160taxi to the gate