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Flight planning

The timetable for KLM, AIR FRANCE, Delta Air Lines and partners. For using the KLM World Time Table a brief instruction has been added:

Time Table Document
In this document you will find all destinations related to KLM. Click here to download the time table document.
The document is outdated as KLM stopped publishing the timetable as a table in a document since 2011.

World Time Table
For information about the aircraft type, destination and such, you need to go to the following website: World Time Table. The World Time Table uses city names, country or airport (IATA)codes which you can find in the Time Table Document.

Route Finder
To collect your route for this flight go to Routefinder or Vatroute or even more advanced with fuel estimation Online Flight Planner; but first translate your IATA codes to ICAO codes because only ICAO codes will be accepted by these Routeplanners. You can do this at Airlinecode.co.uk website.
For a near-professional flightplanning you can go to Simbrief that also gives you fuel-planning, loadsheets, en-route weather, etc.

Fuel and Loadsheet Planner
To plan the amount of fuel you need for your flight or to produce a loadsheet go to Fuel Planner.

Time- and Distance Calculation
To estimate duration and fuel-usage for this flight go to the Time & Distance Calculator where you can use both IATA codes and ICAO codes.

Runway usage at Schiphol
See the actual runway usage at Schiphol - Amsterdam; the homebase of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Finding charts is different for every country.
Searching <Airport-ICAO-code> + keyword "charts" in Google often gives a good result.
As for the Netherlands you can find charts and other aeronautical information in the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package