KLM-VA Teamspeak Company Channel

CC - cc.ts.ivao.aero

How to join?

  1. If you are already flying online on the IVAO network, you may directly proceed to step 2. Otherwise, first apply for membership at IVAO and obtain an IVAO VID.

  2. Fill in the registration form and submit it to our validator. If everything is OK, you will be invited for a written multiple choice exam consisting of basic questions related to flying.

  3. After having passed this written exam with satisfactory result, you will be invited to make a circuit flight with a Cessna 172 at the home field of our Flight Academy in Eelde.

  4. If your circuit flight is a success, we proudly welcome you as another of our valued pilots and you can start your career at the KLM-VA as First Officer.

Some important notes:
  • Right from the start, you are completely free to pick up any aircraft you like and fly anywhere you like, to have fun and enjoy your membership. The only obligation you have is to make a flight at least once a month.

  • If you already have a PP or higher rating at IVAO, you will become a full member without having to participate in the exams. After our confirmation of your membership you will get a notice from IVAO where you can confirm that from now on you are registered as a KLM-VA pilot.

  • If you don’t like the idea of having to take part in a practical exam, we offer you another possibility to become one of our valued pilots: our starter rank, First Officer, is open to anyone having the IVAO FS3 ranking, without any need for further exams! Of course, if you would like to earn higher rankings you will have to take part in the written and practical exams.

The KLM-VA team